How To Choose And Use a Voltage Stabilizer

May 31, 2024

The function of a voltage stabilizer is to adjust voltage and solve voltage instability issues. It can stabilize the output voltage when the input voltage is lower or higher than the normal value. During peak electricity usage times, the voltage in the circuit can be lower than the standard value due to increased consumption. For example, the standard voltage for household lighting circuits is 220 volts. During peak periods in summer when everyone is using air conditioners, the actual voltage might be below 190 volts, causing many voltage-sensitive appliances to malfunction. Using a voltage stabilizer at this time can raise the voltage back to 220 volts, allowing appliances to operate normally under their rated voltage.

Consider the Power Requirements of Your Equipment

The power rating of the voltage stabilizer should be determined based on the power consumption of your equipment. For instance, if the equipment’s power is 2 kW, the stabilizer’s power rating can be 4 to 6 kW, generally two to three times the equipment’s power. And so forth.

Understand the Voltage Range Required by Your Equipment

Before choosing a voltage stabilizer, you need to understand the voltage range required by your equipment. Different devices have different voltage requirements, which can usually be found in the equipment’s manual or product label. Ensure the chosen voltage stabilizer’s output voltage range can meet your equipment’s needs.

Learn About Different Types of Voltage Stabilizers

There are various types of voltage stabilizers available in the market, including transformer-based stabilizers, electronic stabilizers, and switching stabilizers. Each type has its characteristics and applicable scenarios. When selecting a voltage stabilizer, you need to determine the most suitable type based on actual needs and the usage environment.

1. Open the packaging and inspect the casing, meter, switch, indicator lights, buttons, and terminals for any damage. Use only if there is no damage.

2.Plug (or connect) the input end to the distribution board, and install a fuse on the user’s distribution board that matches the power of this device to ensure electrical safety.

3.Connect the power source of the electrical equipment to the output end of this device. Ensure the voltage used by the appliance is either 220V or 110V, and avoid incorrect connections.

4.First, turn on the power switch of the stabilizer. The operation indicator light and delay indicator light will illuminate, but there will be no power output for 3-7 seconds.

5.Then, observe if the indicator light shows a normal indication of 220V. When the output voltage is normal (around 220V), turn on the power switch of the electrical equipment. The stabilizer will then automatically adjust the voltage to provide normal power supply.

6.When the electrical equipment is not in use for an extended period, turn off the power switch of the electrical equipment and the stabilizer to reduce power consumption and extend the stabilizer’s lifespan.
Do not use the stabilizer beyond its rated capacity. When the mains voltage is relatively low, the output capacity decreases, so the stabilizer’s load should be reduced accordingly.

7.If the connected appliances include refrigerators, air conditioners, water pumps, or other equipment with motors, choose a stabilizer with a capacity three times higher to prevent the starting current from exceeding the stabilizer’s fuse current or overcurrent protection circuit breaker current, which could cause the fuse to blow or the breaker to trip, making the stabilizer unable to operate.

8.Wires connected to the stabilizer should have a sufficient cross-section to prevent heating and voltage drop. For stabilizers with a capacity above 2 kVA, use terminal connections, select single copper wires, and tighten the terminal screws to prevent heating at the connection points.


Customized Stabilizers and Transformers
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